From the late 1960s through the 1970s Shiseido embraced creative and edgy advertising that contributed to  a significant national reimagining of women’s identities, lifestyles and social position. Here are several examples.

First from 1967 …

Same product, from 1971…

A girl with attitude in 1970..

Sweating beautifully in 1970…

Modern class from 1973, and an entranced young man looks on..

And another beauty cake CM from 1973, with confident women who know what they want (each other perhaps?), a German VW car, and an American Cessna..

And a 1974 four minute CM featuring beautiful filming of two Japanese models in France, some corny narrative, connecting with a French guy, and Shiseido’s pledge to help women find a summer romance..



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australian professor of business & governance @ waseda university in tokyo researching cultural industries, economic nationality & borders, university internationalisation

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