Diesel’s campaign to promote its ‘JoggJeans’ product range, which is its variant of a now common jeans product that combine 90%-odd denim with a high tech nylon or polyester stretch fibre for comfort and shape retention, has been effective. It couples the usual website presence, including direct retailing defaulting to local site based on user ISP, and  a much shared video promotion. The video is high quality, very engaging, and by featuring dancers in Diesel product it directly transmits the intended messages about the versatility and style of their new JoggJeans product.

The JoggJeans campaign was developed under the leadership of Diesel’s young creative director, Nicola Formichetti, who did a lot of work for Lady Gaga before being hired freshen up the Diesel brand. Here is a LINK to one profile of him.

The video is directed by renowned fashion still and moving image photographer Jacob Sutton. See his portfolio for a range of interesting work. Two examples follow; the first showing a typical aesthetic for Armani mens’ fragrance but with some remarkable underwater cinematography.

The following two are in a common ‘fast fashion’ format. One is for Uniqlo, the other for H & M. Both economise on setting and model spend, but are effective because of the quality of the artistic direction.


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